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Sculpture to Wear Jewelry

Titanium Bracelet
Titanium ad Chrysacolla

Artist's Statement:
My creations combine a sense of fun and purpose with essential interests from my past. As a kid, I wanted to be an architect when I grew up - now I make miniature buildings. I've always been drawn to mathematical concepts - now they inform my art, as in the miniature mobius strips I make. I have been a photographer for many years, accumulating piles of photographs that I could never throw away - now I chop them up and set them or transfer them to silver and etch their likenesses. I always thought that something could be done to recycle used technology - now I take the chips and capacitors from discarded computers, and combine them with sterling silver in traditional jewelry formats. It satisfies my disparate interests, it's fun and it's ecological.


Titanium Earrings

Titanium Landscape Pin
Titanium, Sterling silver, resin

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