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Hacker Creations

Ada Lovelace
Assemblage, computer parts, wood, metal, plexi, rubber, feris bead
23" x 22"

Map # 62
Artisan's Asylum
10 Tyler Street -209
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Artist's Statement:
I make hacker art. Not breaking into networks, but deconstructing computer hardware to reassemble it in sculptural collage. I combine beautiful abstract shapes made of metal, plastic, copper, silicon, ceramic, rubber and more… with digitally altered imagery that provoke new ways of seeing and thinking about our relationship to the technology in our lives.

My work speaks to the information technology revolution and rapid technological obsolescence.

I work out of the Artisan's Asylum, a hot bed of innovation and collaborative energy. I work among a community of engineers, artists and craftspeople who share access to the latest design software and fabrication tools.

I am motivated to bring attention to the questions,
What happens to all the outdated technology that is thrown away every year? When will sustainability be good enough?
Why don’t we have a recycling infrastructure in place?

While we are all surrounded by technology very few take time to think about where it all comes from and what happens to it when we are done with it.


Blue Lady
Assemblage, computer parts, wood, imagery, gears, belts
8" x 10"

Engineering with Lady
Assemblage, computer parts, heat sink, copper stator, circuit board, keyboard sheet rubber, capacito
8" x 10"

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