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Artist's Statement:
I have been drawing from my Victoria's Secret catalogs for a number of years now, and I always find something in them that amazes me, some surprising—often frightening—glimpse into the realm of what at least one segment of society apparently finds praiseworthy in women. In my early work with this imagery I concentrated almost entirely on the bizarre and unhealthy body images presented. In recent years I have been working more and more with the facial expressions of the models. Judging from these expressions, anxiety, sometimes bordering on madness, is a very sexy and much to be emulated trait, at least according to some of the viewing public. Amazing!<br>

For the past several months I have been combining drypoint with the etching techniques I use. Drypoint basically consists of scratching lines directly into the copper plate—a very unforgiving way to draw! I had always avoided drypoint for this reason, until one day, for some unknown reason, I decided to get out my old (and virtually untouched) drypoint needle. I was very surprised to find that I love drypoint. I love the freedom and unpredictability that come from the near impossibility of correcting drypoint lines, and also the freedom that comes from the very different feel I get from the interplay of the drypoint lines with the later etching I do on the plates. I’m having such fun with these prints!


Drypoint Project 149
Drypoint and etching

4" x 4"

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