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blackest black paint guy

Black Iron Ursa
Singularity Black on Cast Iron
20" by 20"

Artist's Statement:
I was raised by a television in suburban America -- tuned in to all the big, bold, shiny things being sold in big, bold, shiny commercials. One of my first memories is the colors of the cereal aisle flashing by as I rode in my mom’s grocery cart. I still see things this way. I’m more likely to notice an ad on the side of the highway than the forest behind it.

We all try to isolate ourselves from the unfamiliar, and in my latest works I’m getting to make things nobody has seen before. My new works in Singularity™ Black are all about the absence of color and the absence of many things a painter works their whole career to explore.


We'll Always be your Sugar
Oil on Canvas
56" X 24"

Oil on Canvas
16" X 40"

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