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Glass Paper Scissors

Functional Art Glass

Artist's Statement:
I am Kolika. Glass artist + designer based in Somerville MA. And I make wearable + functional glass art.
Glass Paper Scissors evolved from a line of mixed media and repurposed glass arts to primarily focus on kiln-formed and stained glassware for home & garden and office use and wearable art aka jewelry.
Look closely. In my work, you will find elements of Nature, you'll clearly see how inspired I am by my travels, by poetry, by the strength and fragility of humans and most of all, the material light plays off it and on it-what goes through and what comes back- the optics & the chemistry, the fluidity & the thickness, the fragility & the strength, the planning and the unpredictability- all of it.
Find out more about my artist journey here:
Message me about custom orders-availability and lead times.
Enjoy the Open Studios weekend and may you find genuine art that speaks to you.


Ink sketch on shard glass

Black & Turquoise Bowl
Kiln-formed Art Glass
12" dia

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