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Glass and Grout


Mosaics: glass, found objects,

Artist's Statement:
Susan Altman has made mosaics for more than a decade. She is attracted to the permanence and solidity of mosaics, and their variable, light-refracting surfaces. She loves colors and building things, and likes her art to serve a function. She repurposes discarded and used materials whenever possible: wood from construction projects, pots and pans, broken pottery, overstocked/returned ceramic floor and wall tiles, keys and hardware, discarded furniture, plastic bottlecaps, old furniture rocks and seashells, etc.

Susan has shown her work in many local exhibitions, and has facilitated several community art mosaic projects, including at the Roberts Elementary School, Medford High School, Medford Family Network, and the Medford Public Library. She serves as a director of the Medford Arts Center, Inc. (MACI), where she is managing the renovation of the Medford Art Bus project. She is an active member of the Mystic Makerspace, helping local residents to experience the joy of making their own mosaics.


Clown Fish


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