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Muskat Studios


Original prints, drawings

Root Systems III
40 x 29"

Artist's Statement:
For Somerville Open Studios 2012, we will be showing new work by Carolyn Muskat, as well as work by Studio artists Bob Tomolillo, Jennifer Erbe, Peter Camp, Jon Cartledge, Alex Gerasev and others. There will be printmaking demonstrations throughout the weekend. Please join us!

Carolyn Muskat’s statement: The surface of the ground we use daily hides what is underneath. By placing objects (as a layer) under and within the layers of the ground’s surface, I point to what might be there – objects that reference prior life, communities and people. I am curious about how it affects us to know what is literally underfoot now versus not to know what went before and what may be buried. The ground becomes the visual starting point, following roots and layers, to work deeper into our sense of history and place.


Growth Patterns
12 x 12\"

Nest and Beads
9 x 7.25\"

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