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ArielBasson Freiberg

Figurative painting + censorship

Binta and Scissors
oil and glitter on linen
58"h x 48"w

Artist's Statement:
I'm interested in the psychosexual body engaged with acts of self-censorship, all inspired from personal experiences. It’s a conundrum to carry ones feminine sexuality and willfully censor it and mask it with the gesture of paint. With the gestures, I see the physicality of paint colliding with the body demanding immediacy and urgency from the viewer. The gestures act as an ideogram, both a composite of an idea and a will. Bodies are grounded in artifacts yet erased when faced with the whiplash of history. My family’s lost Iraqi history is illuminated and found in physical materials to reclaim voice.


oil on panel
11" x 9"

Earth's Touch
acrylic + oil on linen
7 feet by 15 feet

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