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Jaclyn Perrone

Surreal cityscapes

Pen, marker, collage

Artist's Statement:
Jaclyn Perrone recreates places from memory. Some are of the whimsical and playful city streets she walks through daily, while others are of the sublime skies and rolling hills that fill her with awe. By relying solely on her memory to recreate a place, she strips down an experience to its essence and fills in the details with her imagination. Due to the exaggerations and limitations of memory, her paintings and drawings take on a surreal quality. She finds this approach fitting and freeing, for it shows how the mind skews and distorts a space through recollection.

Jaclyn is new to Somerville, and this is her second time participating in Open Studios. Coming from Brooklyn, NY, she finds her inspiration in the personalities and peculiarities of the neighborhoods and buildings she lives in and out of. Through her art she breathes life and emotion into these structures, and tells stories of their past, present, and future.


Digital painting

Pen and marker

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