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Oil Paintings

Strait is the Gate
Oil on Canvas
72" x 72"

Artist's Statement:
Chen Peng is a painter currently based in Cambridge, MA, USA. Born in southern China and raised in Taiwan, Chen was used to moving between cities, from one home to another. Wandering through city's streets and lanes becomes at first a pastime and then a ritual for her to feel connected with the surroundings. In her work, personal experiences and compassion transfigure into gentle conversations between human settlements and the mother nature. Gloomy light from narrow windows melts into the dazzling starry night; half-deserted broken chairs emerge from flourished plants. Representational scenes in her paintings that seemly ordinary always intertwine with abstract details using bold strokes, luminous colors, and dreamlike textures. However, with a second look, the serenity of the objects turns the brightest color into some kind of eulogy attempting vainly to recapture something past.

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