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Peter FreethBelford

Acrylics & reliefs

Acrylic and garnet on board
2 x 4

Artist's Statement:
My work features textured acrylics, often mounted floating over reflective black backings. I start with a textured ground. Colors are then layered on including liberal use of metallic and interference pigments. My methods highlight the texture and allow complex coloration, transparency and reflection. The result is layers that cannot easily be identified as one particular hue or another, as metallic or conventional pigment, as transparent or opaque. The work invites prolonged viewing, calming and pulling in the observer.<br><br>I enjoy that people cannot readily identify the medium and always consider ways to make the pieces more three dimensional. I hope to do large-scale installations that envelop the observer in the other-worldly surroundings, losing oneself in a transformed, tranquil world... perhaps reminding us of some distant but comforting way of being at peace with our existence. The possibilities are endless.


Acrylic and garnet relief
8 x 6


Acrylic and sand
6 x 30

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