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Handmade jewelry & hula hoops

Artist's Statement:
A fascination with traditional singing led me to Bulgaria as a young woman. I developed a deep involvement with Things Bulgarian, did extensive research there (recording “old ladies singing old songs”), helped to found Zdravets (“Boston's Friendly Neighborhood Bulgarian Band”), and also became enamoured of textiles and jewelry. In 1994, on one of our trips to Bulgaria together, Pat Iverson and I learned to do bead crochet, an art practiced extensively in parts of the country. Since then we have both become fanatic bead-crocheters, taking the technique to new dimensions and new heights. In 1995 we co-founded the cooperative “Beads Without End”. Publications featuring my beadwork include Carol Wilcox Wells's “The Art and Elegance of Beadweaving”, Interweave "Beadwork" magazine, and Lark’s “500 Beaded Objects”.

HOOP DANCING (a.k.a. hula hooping) is also a passion! “Big hoops, little hoops...” this kind of hoop available by special order, your choice of size and color. might even see some modular ORIGAMI!


Necklace in blues and greens (has matching bracelet)
spiral bead crochet

Trio of bracelets
spiral bead crochet
average (about 7\")

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