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Drawings, original prints

Sensors 2, 2018
watercolor ,graphite powder and gouache
40" x 40"

Artist's Statement:
Incrementally we analyze, pixelate, and quantify the components of our daily experiences. Although we can’t see the proliferation of signals and techno-chatter that our devices emit, their energy is palpable. And yet, we don’t know the affect this has on us, or the environment.

In my current works on paper I imagine and depict the invisible activity of subliminal signals and juxtapose them with naturalistic clouds. My hope is that in our ever-increasing impulse to connect immediately with things and places outside of ourselves, that we don’t forfeit time spent on humble meditation of the sublime: of those enigmatic sources larger than ourselves- wind, light, and air.


Reception, 2014
Watercolor, graphite powder and gouache
19 1/2" x 27"

Rome Window (triptych)
30" x 81"

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