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Large abstract painting

oil on panel
78" x 72"

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Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street -2nd floor
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Artist's Statement:
<span class="SidebarTl"><em>The force of [a painting’s] emotional effect is depended on the beholder responding through a veil of remembered phenomena: stories, myths, histories, views natural, views pictorial, poetry, and music.</span></em><br><em>—Payne Knight 18th Century Art Critic</em><br><br>
I am involved with creating emotive landscape. The genesis for my work is the urban environ. Although I start with specific sites and images in mind, through the process, the paintings evolve from that of depiction to a more personal, evocative terrain.<br><br>
Central to the work are apocalyptic stories and contemporary parallels. Since medieval times, Babylon with the vision of ‘handwriting on the wall’, Lot’s wife, and the tower of Babel have been sources for artists. For me, they have a contemporary echo in a world abounding with reoccurring images of violence and destruction.

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