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hypertufa crafts
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Artist's Statement:
Jane Chakravarthy
Artist Statement 2018

There is no art without living and for being without the microscope of the mind, the understanding from the heart, and the embrace of the fire from the soul, for me, there is no life, only an existence.
Most of my art is, at least initially, serendipitous in construct. Whatever I'm traveling through, mentally, physically or spiritually, I seek to understand, explore and try to make sense of it. Often my work is inspired, guided by and represents in one form or another that metaphysical dialogue and journey. I don't write a diary, just at times find myself painting one.
Creating my art is a spiritual and mental catharsis, I strive to let free my woes, to celebrate my one-ness and embrace our collective consciousness.

Sudi Chakravarthy
Our view of what surrounds us is often affected by how we feel. We can become too caught-up in the motion of things to appreciate intricate beauty around us. My photography aims to witness the essence of the fleeting and ephemeral moments within everyday life and the study of nature and architecture.



Celestial Communication
acrylic on canvas

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