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Painting/Works on Paper

Beau (Powderhouse Square)
Oil and enamel on wood panel
36\" x 48\"

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Vernon Street Studios
20 Vernon Street -61
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Artist's Statement:
My current body of work features Beau, my companion, muse and model. While dogs are always "other", they are also vehicles for our emotional projections. This tension drives the series, especially as Beau grows older.

In making these images, I am honoring our bond while also acknowledging the gulf between human and canine. My process contrasts linear marks and washes, clarity and dissolution, embodying the tenuous relationship between presence and absence, love and mortality.


Beau (Car #1)
Graphite on polypropylene
14\" x 11\"

Beau (Smile #1)
Graphite on polypropylene
11\" x 14\"

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