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Paper Wasp Designs


Bookbinding & Paper Arts

Artist's Statement:
Everything starts with the paper. Each has it's own qualities; color, weight. light permeabilitiy, tensile strength,smoothness. All speak to how it can be used to best effect. Few things please me more than figuring out how to use a cool new paper in a way that showcases it's best qualities. I'm so lucky to work with the object of my obsession!
I am primarily self-taught, literally taking books apart to figure out how they were made, and then making my own.(my dad says I have his engineering gene)
The elements of bookbinding and the other paper arts really appeal to me. The precision required, the paper itself, and the end result- a beautiful and useful object- are very satisfying to me.
I make a variety of blank books including Photo Albums, Coptic Journals, Scrapbooks, and Wine Journals. I also make picture frames, lamps, lampshades,light switch plates, 2 deck playing card holders, night lights, a variety of Christmas ornaments, and more.
I welcome special orders.


Photo Album w/glass beads
10\" x 8\"

Playing Card Carrier w/2 decks
4\" x 3\" x 2\"

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