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Drawing, embroidery

drawing and embroidery on cotton
2 9" X 12" panels

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Washington Street Studios
321 Washington Street
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Artist's Statement:
I explore themes of connection and communication through drawing, embroidery, and mixed media. Using subject matter from personal experience in an earnest and sometimes playful way, I explore the relationship between the internal/private and the external/public. By illustrating difficult situations or emotions with levity, I illustrate the tension, complexity, and occasional absurdity of emotionally charged situations with the intent that the viewer will find their own associations. Equal parts tongue-in-cheek and careful reflection, both humor and the meditative properties of the processes I use help me to find catharsis and a deeper sense of understanding.
Working in different mediums allows me to find new ways of exploring similar themes and each medium has unique properties that serve to deepen these themes for me through the process of making the pieces. For example, I often choose to work in embroidery because it is a deliberate and meditative practice that allows me time to reflect and process difficult emotions – the slow process provides a sense of control and intimacy. In my community-based art making I specifically employ fiber arts practices such as embroidery and quilting because of their long history as activities that bring individuals together to share stories, address community issues, and even serve as a form for social and political resistance against oppression.


I'm Allergic to Apples
embroidery on canvas
24 individual 3.5" X 5" embroideries

Untitled (detail)
stencil and embroidery on canvas
5' X 7'

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