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natural mutations

Br\'er Rabbit
Oil on Copper Panel

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Central Street Studios
57 Central Street -3rd Floor
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Artist's Statement:
The work is inspired by organisms living in or generated from parasitic and symbiotic relationships. The juxtaposition of human, animal and plant forms create a variety of contrasting connotations and contexts; innocence and darkness; beauty and the grotesque.
The drawings are hybrid forms removed from all context so they may become believable in their own right.
The paintings on copper are often have abstract, organic drips and splotches of paint and copper meant to obstruct any clear sense of narrative. By allowing the natural behavior of the medium to interrupt tightly rendered imagery, I aim to highlight the violence of these situations.


graphite on paper
21" x 32"

Human and Synthetic hair, cactus, natural horn, thread
14" x 5" x 21"

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