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Jill Hoy Gallery


landscape+figurative oils

Tide pools
oil on canvas

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Mixit Studios / Mixit Print Studio
32 Clifton Street -Ground floor, back
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Artist's Statement:
I paint in oil,in the summer and fall I work plein air ;from direct observation. These paintings are drenched in light, color and energy. Composition is strong in all my work, as well as , sense of place. I do many portraits and watercolor as well. In the winter, I am a studio painter of narrative figurative paintings . These are worked from memory , drawings and photography.based on situations Ive watched or been part of that I find provocative. Yankee Magazine, featured me last summer in their article" 25 people in New England you should meet",Maine Home and Design featured me in November in an article on 3 Narrative Painters.My paintings are in over 600 collections and are in many books,or on covers . I live in Maine ,in the summer.


diving and the pearl
oil on canvas

rocking horse and peonies
oil on canvas

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