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Abstract Painting

Acrylic on Paper

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Artist's Statement:
Abstract painting focuses me on the creative and frees me from deliberate representation. I trust in the creative process and my intuition to make rapid decisions based on sensibility and aesthetics rather than a need to make a statement or express function. The materials and tools (paint applied with expired health insurance cards, plexiglass, or metal trowel) allow me to literally move the paint in such a way giving the work its vibrancy and depth. I thrive in the tension and challenge of negotiating each movement of the paint to bring each piece to resolution.

I have a Masters in Architecture from Rice University and practiced architecture professionally in Cambridge and Boston, MA. I live in Cambridge with my husband and two children and when not painting in my Somerville studio, I am engaged in the world of real estate sales and management. I am told my paintings have an energy reminiscent of the buildings, facades, and site plans from my experience with built form.


Acrylic on Paper

Acrylic on Board

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