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Inside Out Gallery (CVS Window) Davis Square

Locavore Show: HOME

Call to SOS Artists for a group show at Ivy Realty in Davis Square

Submission deadline: Sunday March 31, 2019

This is a closed call for Somerville Open Studios artists

This year’s SOS Locavore show, open to all artists participating in SOS 2019, will be held at Ivy Realty in Davis Square and will feature the theme of home.

Many visitors to Somerville Open Studios spend an entire visit going through studio buildings; yet for many participating artists, home is where the art is.

What or where do you call home? What is it about your home that gives it soul; that lends it uniqueness and character and essence? Is it the way that light reflects off of the house next door, quiet time on a third floor porch, a tiny garden in a private yard, a time far away in a land saved only in memory? We take pride in our home and we take solace there. Perhaps we take it for granted as we see many across the globe fleeing theirs for safety. We live in a community that includes immigrants and students and transplants; those who may have known other homes, and yet others without a home at all. For many, home carries uncertainty as we warily eye development in our neighborhoods and terms like “gentrification” and “revitalization” compete in the air of Somerville alongside “luxury” and “eminent domain.”

What aspect of home speaks to you most profoundly? Your interpretation may be literal or symbolic, representational or abstract; painted, drawn, photographed, or multied.

Please note that this is a juried exhibition. Not all submitted work will be accepted.

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions should include - Up to 5 JPEGs of the available work you would like to show (max. 1200 pixels in length).
For each image, provide:

  1. Name & contact info (phone and email)
  2. Title of the piece
  3. Description of medium
  4. Complete accurate dimensions (length, width, depth, & approximate weight)
  5. Any special instructions or display requirements.

When choosing work please keep in mind that each panel of the four display windows has the following dimensions: 41 inches wide x 90 inches high (7.5 ft) x 16 inches deep (front to back). Applicants’ work must be available from April 14 - May 15. Work will be taken down on May 16 (weather permitting).

2D work recommended; size is not being restricted, but wall space is limited.

Drop-offs for selected work will be coincide with the First Look show drop-off at the Somerville Museum on Thursday, April 4th, 6-8pm and Sunday, April 7th, 10am - 4pm.

Please email completed application to Submission deadline is March 31, 2019.

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